What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know about Clear Cooperation, Coming Soons, and Private Exclusives


Getting a jump on available properties puts any buyer at an advantage, particularly in a housing market that’s been on a tear. For sellers, understanding the recommended course of listing is equally important. But there’s a methodology to things like clear cooperation, coming soons, and private exclusives. Here’s what buyers and sellers need to know about all three. Recommended Course of Listing For sellers, often the first step for listing a home begins with the private exclusive. This means listing

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Green Home Tour Coming Soon

Yes, there have been some interesting green projects lately, like the condos on 22nd Street by Lorax But while I wait for La Casa Verde (the new Sunset Idea House) at 25th and Alabama to open, I’m looking forward to the Green Homes Tour coming up September 23rd. The tour offers a look inside 7 different homes, and even a bike route to follow to get to the homes. I think we have a long way to go to become

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New restaurants coming soon to Noe Valley

As I reported earlier, the Examiner has a piece today on the newly lifted moratorium on new restaurants in Noe Valley. “After nearly 20 years of a cap on the number of new restaurants in Noe Valley, neighborhood residents will likely see a new menu of eateries over the next several years. The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday that will allow three new restaurants to open up on the neighborhood’s main drag — 24th Street — and

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Individual TIC loans coming soon?

An article in the San Francisco Business Times (dated July 22nd) discusses some advances in the TIC loan market, and some of the efforts by tenant activists to stop lenders from making it any easier to get into a TIC. This is something that has been coming for quite a while, and appears to be imminent. It just remains to be seen what, if anything, the Tenant’s Union and/or the Board of Supervisors can do to prevent what seems inevitable.

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What SF Bay Area Homeowners Should Know About the Upcoming Gas Appliance Ban


As of last week, sales of gas furnaces and water heater appliances (but notably, not gas stoves) are to be phased-out of all new construction. By 2029, replacements for any residential building are required to be a zero nitrogen-oxide emitting appliance. In short, electric heat pumps and electric water heaters are very soon going to be the only approved appliances in the majority of the Bay Area. Enacted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, this regulation does not

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