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What the Recent Bank Failures Means for Buyers


One of the unexpected outcomes of the recent bank failures making headline news these past few days is there has been a “flight to safety” which for now, has had a positive impact on mortgage interest rates.  Here’s what has unfolded so far. The difference a week makes Banking clients had been quite happy the beginning of last week with their favorite local lenders (otherwise known as regional banks) until word got out that maybe they weren’t as liquid in

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The Number One Feature All Buyers Look For in a New Home


Buyers are always motivated by personal preferences, lifestyles, and budgets when they’re house hunting but there are a handful of features with one in particular that just about everyone wants. Here’s a rundown of what buyers tend to prioritize, including the number one feature buyers look for in a new home. What Buyers Look for in a New Home Location, location, location. It’s a famous adage for a reason! The location of a home is often one of the most

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Why Over-Asking Sales are a Useless Stat in Real Estate


One thing I find annoying in the extreme is click-bait headlines along the lines of: “123 Main Street Sold for 10%….15%…20% OVER list!” That is one of the least valuable stats any potential buyer or seller could read and does the watcher of real estate an incredible disservice. But before we dive into how you should treat a headline like that, there are few facts worth acknowledging.  One, I am not taking anything away from the hard work of a listing agent’s

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Understanding Property Tax In Nevada’s Washoe County vs Northern California


In Washoe County, your property tax bill is payable in four increments with the final quarter for the 2022-23 tax year due March 6th. It makes me think that now is a good time to give you an overview of property taxes in northern Nevada and how it differs from our neighbors in northern California.  Property Tax 101 First, let’s quickly review property tax in general. Depending on where you live, they can be a minor cost or a fairly

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5 Housing Design Trends for 2023—Everything Old is New Again

It never fails. Any publication I like prints the latest top five design trends of the year and I think oooh yes, I’m in, click! Invariably I end up reading them totally underwhelmed. While this post also does not offer any new design epiphanies, it is still useful to know what helps sell a home. Regardless of whether you’re simply vision-boarding your first home purchase, planning for that eventual remodel or thinking of trading in your home for an upgrade (or downsizing),

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