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An Insider’s Guide to Dining at Lake Tahoe


As a real estate agent splitting my time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno, Nevada, Lake Tahoe is an exceptionally beautiful lake. If you have the pleasure of finding yourself doing a lap up there, fair warning—there are all kinds of hidden gems for meals out, but cell phone coverage can be spotty! So save yourself the hassle of trying to Google “restaurants near me” and read on for my insider’s guide to dining at Lake Tahoe. South

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The Little Slice of Hell House: A Lesson on Honesty in Real Estate


You probably read about the Colorado home that was listed as a “little slice of hell.” The real estate agent marketed this “investor special” as frankly as possibly in an effort to avoid any surprises for potential buyers. From candid photographs to blunt descriptions, she was painfully honest. It wasn’t the seller’s idea, but she trusted her agent. And it paid off—offers started rolling in when the listing was just a few days old. It’s an extreme example, but it

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The Myriad Reasons Some Houses Linger on the Market


In this overheated market, agents and sellers alike are getting accustomed to the “list on Wednesday, in contract by Sunday” scenario that seems to be the new norm. So when a listing doesn’t sell right away, what’s really going on? It’s not an exact science, but there are myriad reasons some houses linger on the market. Let’s review. Long-Term Listings There are a handful of reasons why a particular property just won’t sell. Some of them are obvious to even

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A Real Estate Email Compromise Hack In Action


Earlier this year, I wrote about the email compromise scam in real estate. In a realtor’s forum recently, a fellow agent shared details of a hack literally in action. A Hack in Action The agent shared that she was in escrow representing the seller. The buyers received an alert in their personal bank account—the same account that would be used to wire money to escrow—that a new, external account had been set up, labeled “Escrow account.” The alert prompted the

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1872 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA


When you think of the quintessential San Francisco home, you’re probably picturing something pretty darn close to 1872 Fell Street. From top to bottom, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom, house-like condo is a stunner. High ceilings, crown molding, handsome built-ins, pocket doors, an enviable address — truly, this place has it all. If you’re shopping for a new place in San Francisco and you’ve got a sizable budget, you have to check out this Victorian on the Park. Home Stats In a

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