What Condo Owners Need to Know about EV Charging Station Installations

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, charging stations are likewise becoming a bigger topic of conversation. Installing a charger in your personal garage is one thing, but what happens in a condo scenario with an HOA? Specifically, if an HOA complex doesn’t have the necessary power to supply a charging station, who’s footing the bill? Let’s discuss.

Let’s Call Them Growing Pains

Electric vehicles have their benefits, but the transition isn’t without its drawbacks. One example is the lack of infrastructure and the current capacity of the energy grid to handle a growing demand. In California, for example, the state’s Energy Commission is warning customers that rolling blackouts are a possibility because of insufficient capacity to meet electrical needs.

Unless you’re in a brand new building, it’s very likely that your condominium complex simply isn’t built to handle electric vehicles. Electric panels were designed for very specific loads, and electric vehicles probably weren’t included. That necessitates an update to a building’s panels, and it’s almost certainly not a cost that your association is going to cover. This is something you’d pay for in a single-family home, and it’s something you’ll probably need to pay for in a condo.

In California, at least, the law is on your side. Landlords and HOAs are legally required to allow tenants and owners to install EV stations at their own expense.

And there’s more good news –  in many states, including California, utilities companies are offering rebates to help offset the cost of installing charging stations. It might be worth your time to investigate rebates and incentives in your state, and then prepare a presentation for your HOA board. At this point, charging stations in a condo will only raise property values, so your association may indeed consider the infrastructure upgrade worth the money.

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