Top 5 Housing Markets Ripe for Recovery — SF Rated #1

I can’t vouch for the math, nor do I necessarily fully agree – but I like the kudos nonetheless.

The Today Show rated San Francisco as the #1 housing market ripe for recovery. Barbara Corcoran, their RE expert, did a superb job  showing  which cities she felt were the top 5 city home markets which were stabilizing and poised for recovery. She used the following as her criteria for evaluation:

  • affordability
  • low rate of foreclosures
  • appreciation (per NAR)
  • strong job mkt & low unemployment

Top 5

#5 – Charleston, West Virginia

#4 – Memphis, TN (prices went up 21% due to jobs — & Fed-X now there)

#3 – Phoenix, AZ (was 1st city to drop in price — median price is $144K now, so affordable for many)

#2 – Pittsburg, PA (up 5% in last year alone — they’ve invited in various industries, much like we have here in SF, and so it sustains them and attracts jobs and workers — and city really cleaned up too)

#1 – San Francisco, CA — THE #1 PICK in the U.S.!!!! (attractive internationally too — she said we were hit hard early in the downturn — it’s the most popular city to migrate to).

5 Housing Markets Ripe for Recovery [Today Show]

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