The Role of the Referral Agent in Real Estate

Connections can make all the different in real estate, whether you’re buying or selling. And a referral real estate agent is all about connections. Here’s what you should understand abut the role of the referral agent in real estate, why he or she is often the most connected person in the room, and how that benefits you.

Call it a Win-Win-Win

First, the definition — a referral real estate agent is an agent who refers a buyer or seller to another agent based on location and need. The referral agent has to be part of a brokerage to perform the referral role and get paid a commission. 

A good referral agent tends to have a lengthy list of connections and contacts based on years in the industry and a successful track record. This is the kind of agent you want to know, because he or she will tap into those connections to pair you with an agent who knows the market you’re targeting inside and out.

Think of a good referral agent as a matchmaker — their role is to pair you with an agent in your desired location who can absolutely handle the specifics of your particular transaction. You’ll come out of the arrangement with a highly recommended, handpicked agent who gets the benefit of your business, and the referral agent gets a piece of the commission. Everyone wins!

Here’s How You Know You Could Use a Referral Agent

Real estate moves fast these days, and with clear cooperation operating in most states, having an “in-the-know” agent who’s familiar with the terrain, the pitfalls, and how to get a deal done is key to a successful purchase or sale.  That’s true across the board, but it’s especially helpful if you’re looking to move to, or invest in a home in a location with which you aren’t overly familiar. To ensure a successful outcome, you’ll need someone who knows that area backward and forward.

Here’s another scenario where a referral agent will only benefit you. If you’re coming in cold to the market with no real experience of buying or selling, finding a good agent is a critical first step. And a good referral agent can make it happen.

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, let me put you in touch with the right agent for the job. Ping me and let’s get started.

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