The Best Time to Emotionally Check Out During the Home Selling Process

For people who have made the decision to sell their “forever home” — the one filled with memories and emotions, where families were raised and grandchildren gather, the one that was renovated and improved and perfected — it’s entirely natural to find the experience highly charged. The same goes for folks selling just about any home. Traditionally, wherever you call home tends to hold many memories. So when is the best time to emotionally disconnect during the home selling process? Here’s a pro tip — it isn’t during the closing process. Actually, it’s the minute you decide it’s time to move on. Here’s why.

When to Cut the Cord

Often, there are mixed emotions about selling a home.  Sometimes one partner wants to sell and the other doesn’t or there are financial reasons to downsize, but your new home either hasn’t yet been identified or is in a new and unknown location.  In times like these, it’s important to remember that the process of letting go happens either way and will be challenging whether you face it early or down the road when you close. Why not start early and let this often painful and difficult process provide you with some real financial benefits? 

The truth is, cutting the cord once you’ve made the decision to sell will put you in the best possible state of mind for all the decisions to come, from de-cluttering to any number of minor renovations that will make your home as appealing as possible to the biggest range of potential buyers.

Think of it like this:

  • You aren’t painting over memories or your personal style — you’re making this place a blank canvas for future owners to better imagine their lives in this home.
  • You aren’t sweeping away cherished collectibles — you’re simply decluttering.
  • You aren’t minimizing the past — you’re opening yourself to the possibility of a bright new chapter.

The Bottom Line

Selling the home you live in is a big deal, and it’s an emotionally charged process for almost everyone. My best advice to anyone doing it is to start emotionally distancing yourself early.  Cut the emotional cord now, not when you close, not when you have an accepted offer, now. Do it before you even sign the listing agreement. It puts you in a better position all the way around to make wise financial decisions, instead of decisions that are colored by emotions.  

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