The Real Urban Forest — Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits of Trees in the City


Pop quiz. What’s more important to a community’s quality of life — the built infrastructure of buildings and streets, or the green infrastructure of trees, shrubs, and plants? You could argue it either way, but there’s no denying the role trees in particular play in a city. From softening the aesthetics of development to cooling streets and buildings to filtering air pollution, trees make everything better. Let’s dive into the economic, environmental, and social benefits of trees in the city. Economic Benefits

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Street Trees, Community/Civic Dynamic, and its Effect on Home Values!

Here in San Francisco, a city that touts its green image, many are surprised to find that only 13.7% of the city is covered in tree canopy. If you’re lacking a reference for what this number means, it’s actually less than most major cities, some notables being: Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Jose. The September newsletter from our local arborist enthusiasts – Friends of the Urban Forest – spells out this surprising information and also calls attention to the fact

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