An Insider’s Guide to Dining at Lake Tahoe


As a real estate agent splitting my time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno, Nevada, Lake Tahoe is an exceptionally beautiful lake. If you have the pleasure of finding yourself doing a lap up there, fair warning—there are all kinds of hidden gems for meals out, but cell phone coverage can be spotty! So save yourself the hassle of trying to Google “restaurants near me” and read on for my insider’s guide to dining at Lake Tahoe. South

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A Solution to the Parking Woes in San Francisco Condos


We recently wrote about a handy mail service that everyone needs to know about, and now we’re shining a spotlight on a genius little app that single-handedly solves parking headaches at San Francisco condos. Because let’s be real — as long as condos have been around, so have their parking issues. Enter Parkade. Smart. Simple. Parkade is bringing parking nirvana to condos across San Francisco. And it makes sense. The app makes it easy for condos to easily share parking,

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Everyone Needs to Know about this Free Mail Service

As the country continues its adjustment to our new normal — virtual meetings, social distancing, and the six-foot rule — we’re all looking for new ways to do our part. This little-known service from United States Postal is completely free and dovetails nicely into our new normal.   It’s Called Informed Delivery Intended to manage mail when people travel or for those fortunate to have second homes, Informed Delivery is working wonders these days. Simply put, the services gives you a

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Serenity Now — Tips for Creating a Peaceful Home


Your home should be an oasis, a place to escape from the stress of modern life (and that hellish San Francisco commute). And while we can’t all live in spacious, ocean-front mansions, we can use simple design tricks to create calming spaces. Here are our favorite tips for creating a peaceful home. Let There Be (Good) Light Natural light is king. Not only does it boost vitamin D levels, it also improves productivity, benefits vision, and helps keep your circadian

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