Solar in San Francisco


Way back in 2016, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the Better Roof Requirements for Renewable Energy. It was legislation that made San Francisco the first major city in the country to mandate solar panels on new construction – residential and commercial – ten stories and shorter. The law went into effect into 2017, piggybacking on an existing California law that required new buildings to set aside 15 percent of roof space as “solar ready,” i.e. clear and out

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Go Green with City financing!

First, I was thinking yes, let’s install solar panels with the new Green Finance program from the city… but no, I found out, I’ve got to do some other work first. The new program allows you to pull a loan (currently at 7% interest rate) from the city and have the principle, interest and fees that is repayable as a line item on your property tax bill.  The duration of the loan period depends on the life expectancy of the

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