San Francisco in Top 10 Cities for Green Space


It may not be what first comes to mind when you think of the City by the Bay, but San Francisco is no slouch when it comes to green space. The Trust for Public Land released its 2022 Parkscore Index, which ranks the public outdoor space for residents in various cities across the country. And impressively, San Francisco landed in the top ten. The Parkscore Index The index ranks the top 100 largest cities by population based on acreage, investment,

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Navigating San Francisco — A Tourist’s Guide to Visiting the City by the Bay


Regardless of whether you live in San Francisco, are visiting from another Bay Area city or have friends flying in from out of town, there’s something to be said about an insider’s guide to preparing for the visit. If you or loved ones are headed to the City on the Bay to soak in the culture and vibe, a few good tips will make the most of your time! The Lonely Planet online ran a great insider piece to navigating

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You Asked, We Answered – 6 Burning Questions about San Francisco


Whether you live in the city or just aspire to call yourself a resident, people tend to have questions about San Francisco. Lots of them. Hey, we get it. There’s a lot to know about the city by the bay, so let’s dive in. Here are six burning questions about San Francisco. How’s the air quality in San Francisco? For a city with so many people, air quality is surprisingly clean. It consistently scores below 50 on the Environmental Protection

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Where Renting is Most Expensive in San Francisco

For those of us living in San Francisco, it’s no surprise the price of housing is a big concern both locally and nationwide. San Francisco in fact has been the country’s most expensive rental market (for one bedroom units) since August 2014 when our City by the Bay claimed the top spot over New York City. Thanks to our friends at Trulia, here’s a breakdown of the San Francisco’s neighborhoods where rents are highest: San Francisco Neighborhoods with the Most Expensive 1-Bedroom Rentals

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Let the Game of Chicken Begin!

We’ve seen more inventory since the fall selling season began than we have in several years in the city, with the excellent properties still moving at a record pace, and the just decent properties taking longer to sell. What happens now to the fully respectable but possibly not excellent properties is a game of who will blink first– the buyers or the sellers. Will the sellers reduce their price, pull it from the market and re-list in spring, just rent

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