Sunday Streets has sprung!

The days are getting longer and the fabulous San Francisco tradition of Sunday Streets is back in action. Since 2008, Sunday Streets has encouraged residents to enjoy the beautiful city outdoors! Originated in Bogotá, Colombia as “Ciclovía,” a day of free, healthy activities, Sunday Streets intends to promote community in public streets. The event website has this statement to share. “Sunday Streets are events that encourage recreation, community activities and fun in San Francisco. Sunday Streets closes stretches of city

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Public Housing, Community Friend or Foe?

Affordable housing in San Francisco may be an urban legend. Since 2000 the Bayview Hunter’s Point Community Revitalization Concept Project Area Committee has started to write history. Striving to return balance to a desperate community, historically labeled by crime, gang activity and under employment, the Project Area Committee (PAC) has stepped forward to repair these neighborhoods. Drawing in hungry developers with the promise of $95million residential construction contracts, the committee has lobbied on behalf of this struggling environment. The project

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Building an Arts Community in Portola District

Plano de San Francisco

Actually I think the couple profiled, Kate Connell and Oscar Melara,  in this SF Chronicle Article did much more than build an arts community in the Portola, I think they helped build community in the area and awareness create of the district through their efforts: First they offered their house as a polling place, by way of a “community engagement installation,” as Connell describes it. Then they collected oral histories from voters they met while staffing the polls. Those led

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SF Association of Realtors Rolls Out New District Map August 10th

The San Francisco Association of Realtors is slated to release the new district/neighborhood map at the end of the summer. Boundaries are changing whether we like it or not. A summary of the changes are listed by Socketsite: Boundary Changes ∙ 5a (Glen Park) expands to include portions of 4s (Sunnyside), 4h (Miraloma Park) and 5c (Noe Valley). ∙ Dividing line between 5c (Noe Valley) and 9c (Inner Mission) moves from Guerrero to San Jose between 24th St to 26th St.

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