Home Renovations and Value — An Insider’s Perspective


Last week, we wrote a post for the proud new owners of fixer-uppers. If your idea is to buy the worst house on the best block and dump a bunch of money into renovations, read on! Unfortunately, the market doesn’t care about specific accounting or how much time, money and effort you put into your remodel. It’s not a simple equation of home price plus renovation costs equals new, higher home value. When it comes to home renovation and value, here’s the

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Home Improvements — What to Know Before You Upgrade


HGTV is a guilty pleasure for many of us, but take that home improvement advice with a grain of salt. Those fun-to-watch shows often give the consumer an unrealistic perspective on the real profits achieved when home-flipping, so before you start tacking up the shiplap or ripping out cabinetry, read this. Renovations, upgrades, and makeovers aren’t cheap, and you should understand the likelihood of any return on your investment before you dive in. Talk to the Experts You’re dreaming of a gleaming chef’s

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Compass Concierge — Flip Your Own Home, With Our Help

Ten years ago, the idea of the fixer-upper was appealing to a lot of buyers. But the dated “before” look is a huge turn-off these days, at least in the pricey Bay Area, where people who can afford to buy generally have more money than time. The majority of buyers aren’t into the idea of sweat equity — they’re looking for as close to move-in ready as they can get, and they aren’t interested in inheriting your never-ending fix-it list

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