Lake Tahoe Home Sale Price Map


Wondering about home prices at Lake Tahoe? This interactive map from Compass shares median home sale prices at cities on and near the lake, from Incline Village to Zephyr Cove to Tahoe City, Northstar and Truckee. The map reflects home sale prices from the first quarter of 2023. A few highlights: Incline Village median house sales price: $1,725,000 Kings Beach median house sales price: $1,675,000 Zephyr Cove/East Shore median house sales price: $1,762,500 South Lake Tahoe median house sales price:

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Annual 2019 Median Home Prices in the Bay Area Went Down — And Up


For a record-breaking seven years beginning in 2011, median home prices in the Bay Area went up (and up). But 2019 proved to be a bit of an outlier. Depending on when you looked during that twelve-month span, median home prices went down a bit, went up a bit, or didn’t really change much at all in comparison to 2018. Makes complete sense, right? Let’s break it down for some much-needed clarification. A Big Spring, But Then… If you rack

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San Francisco’s Median Home Prices by Neighborhood


Technology is a beautiful thing! This interactive map is a snapshot of median home sale prices in neighborhoods across San Francisco through May of 2019. Browse median prices for houses, condos, even co-ops and TIC (tenants in common) as applicable. It’s a handy way of zeroing in on the neighborhoods in your price point – you know, the whole “save time, save money” concept. Check out the obligatory disclaimer below, and happy clicking! ” Updated June 1, 2019: This map

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