Median vs Average Sales Price: Why it Matters


Last week, we shared data for San Francisco’s housing market during 2020 with a cautionary takeaway reminding readers that context is everything and some data points are better than others. Here’s the difference between median and average statistics and why you should ignore average sales prices.  Old Math Classes Revisited Think back to your college statistics class — average and median both measure central tendency, but huge or tiny observations can skew averages significantly. I mentioned this in my last

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2020 in San Francisco’s Housing Market — What a Year!

2020 in San Francisco’s Housing Marke

Nothing like a global pandemic to turn the world upside down. The real estate market in San Francisco was no exception. Interestingly, after the initial shutdown that destroyed the traditional “spring selling season,” we seem to have gone back to some semblance of a normal fall selling cycle, with November 2020 giving us the slowdown typical of the holiday season. Here’s what else current data shows both for San Francisco market and the nine Bay Area County housing markets in

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San Francisco Bay Area Housing Market Reports — A Deep Dive


The San Francisco Bay Area covers a lot of ground, meaning there are all kinds of submarkets with their own unique trends and statistics that influence the region’s overall numbers. Today, we’re giving those chart junkies a deeper dive into the numbers with this look at San Francisco Bay Area housing market reports. Quick note — the vast majority of the information below reflects overall trends for the entire region, so keep that in mind. Home Value Appreciation This chart

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