Looking Past the Headlines: What’s Really Happening in San Francisco Real Estate

News articles and blog posts about San Francisco have recently quoted real estate “experts” espousing everything from inventory being up to nine-year record inventory levels, to the all-time-high median sales price we just hit, to the well-documented stampede out of the city as working remotely became the new normal. And the truth is there’s evidence that real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is doing all three — rebounding impressively, building inventory, and seeing price reductions creep up. But on

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U.S. House Prices Are Up, But Next Quarter Will Really Tell the Story


Thanks to a global pandemic, the first quarter of 2020 has been bananas. Still, a recent report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) puts housing prices nationally up 1.7 percent and a full 5.7 percent over the first quarter of 2019. So what’s the deal? Pre COVID-19 According to the report, the uptick in first quarter home prices can be chalked up to falling interest rates and small inventories. Here’s the caveat — there’s a lag between contract signing

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Let’s Try Some Good News for a Change


It’s been a long, largely negative news cycle over the last two months, and we’ve covered what you should do if you can’t make rent or mortgage payments, whether you can sell during shelter-in-place orders, how a pandemic changes real estate, raw data, and even guided meditation. Now, I’m sharing some good news for a change.  An Upward Trend Over the last two weeks, the number of homes going into contract in 17 Compass markets has trended upward. I share

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