Home Renovations and Value — An Insider’s Perspective


Last week, we wrote a post for the proud new owners of fixer-uppers. If your idea is to buy the worst house on the best block and dump a bunch of money into renovations, read on! Unfortunately, the market doesn’t care about specific accounting or how much time, money and effort you put into your remodel. It’s not a simple equation of home price plus renovation costs equals new, higher home value. When it comes to home renovation and value, here’s the

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Annual 2019 Median Home Prices in the Bay Area Went Down — And Up


For a record-breaking seven years beginning in 2011, median home prices in the Bay Area went up (and up). But 2019 proved to be a bit of an outlier. Depending on when you looked during that twelve-month span, median home prices went down a bit, went up a bit, or didn’t really change much at all in comparison to 2018. Makes complete sense, right? Let’s break it down for some much-needed clarification. A Big Spring, But Then… If you rack

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The Significance of Thirteen Years in Real Estate


In 2008, after the United States had emerged from the housing crisis, homeowners began a new trend — they stayed put in their homes longer. At the beginning of 2019, that timeline had extended from about seven years to a median duration of just over 13 years (with variations in certain cities). It was the fallout of a perfect storm — rising interest rates, limited inventory, low foreclosure rates, and tight credit. For prospective homeowners today, understanding the significance of

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San Francisco Real Estate and the Holidays

Are you thinking of buying or selling your home? Perhaps you’re expanding and considering your current home as an investment property and entering it in the rental market? The 4th quarter is historically filled with low-inventory and quiet real estate offices. The holidays are a wonderful time to begin exploring your options. To begin, set your financial house in order. File tax returns early to ease the process and align with a trusted mortgage lender. Connect with your financial planner

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