Moving 101: How Many Boxes To Stockpile


One of the hardest parts of moving is, well, the actual moving. Packing up an entire house takes time and elbow grease and, above all, boxes. So how many boxes do you actually need to stockpile to safely move all of your belongings? While it would be great if there was a handy online calculator to answer that very question, this is one of those “it depends” scenarios. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make an educated guess, and

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5 Thing to Know before Hiring an Interior Designer


If you’re thinking about hiring a designer, you might have a whole list of questions and details and ideas you want to share. But as a group, interior designers generally wish prospective clients were clear on some specifics before that first meeting. I sat down with lifelong friend Shannon Barter of the award-winning design firm in Lake Tahoe Id.3 Interior Design Group for her expert insight about what clients should know before hiring an interior designer.  Know Your Budget The budget

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The Number One Feature All Buyers Look For in a New Home


Buyers are always motivated by personal preferences, lifestyles, and budgets when they’re house hunting but there are a handful of features with one in particular that just about everyone wants. Here’s a rundown of what buyers tend to prioritize, including the number one feature buyers look for in a new home. What Buyers Look for in a New Home Location, location, location. It’s a famous adage for a reason! The location of a home is often one of the most

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Ready for an Epic Ski Season? All-In-One Weather and Snow Conditions for Reno-Tahoe


In Reno-Tahoe, the recent series of major storms may have shut roads and set people up for one of the biggest home ownership headaches, but there is an upside – all that white gold means we’re in for an epic Tahoe ski season. One look at any of the resort webcams makes that clear, and so do the stats – the snowpack in the Sierra is at 215% for this time of year. Snowpack peaks are typically around April 1,

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Neighborhood Compost Collection in Reno Made Easy


Being conscious of how much trash is being generated is on a lot of people’s minds these days. In San Francisco Recology has composting ‘mostly’ handled with effective if not stinky green bins, but other areas like Tahoe and Reno don’t yet have that capacity. In Reno, I use a Lomi at my home but if you’re the type that wants something a little less pricey where they pick up for you in Reno Down to Earth Composting is making

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