Serenity Now — Tips for Creating a Peaceful Home

Your home should be an oasis, a place to escape from the stress of modern life (and that hellish San Francisco commute). And while we can’t all live in spacious, ocean-front mansions, we can use simple design tricks to create calming spaces. Here are our favorite tips for creating a peaceful home.


Let There Be (Good) Light

Natural light is king. Not only does it boost vitamin D levels, it also improves productivity, benefits vision, and helps keep your circadian rhythm humming. It’s also critical for maintaining mood, and it reduces energy consumption and reduces that electrical bill! In a home, high-quality natural light is the foundation for a peaceful setting. Use sheers if you need to block a less-than-lovely view, but by all means, let there be light.

Opt For A Peaceful Palette

This is an easy, obvious tip. Avoid harsh, loud colors in favor of a soothing palette. Color is useful in creating a “mood” for a space, and muted, calm shades can be surprisingly influential.


Functional = Calming

Good design is based on the tenet of functionality. When a space works as it’s meant to, the effect is calming. It feels like everything is working with you, not creating hiding places for your keys and shoes. Improving functionality can remove some of the mini aggravations of daily living, making space for a calmer way of life.

A Space For Everything, and Everything In Its Place

In keeping with the functional flow of your home is the idea of decluttering. That doesn’t mean you need to ditch anything that isn’t useful or joyful, but it does mean organizing your stuff to ensure it’s well managed. 

Engage The Senses

Visual aesthetics are only one piece of the puzzle. Scent, touch, and sound are other elements that can be used to promote a feeling of serenity. Cozy, nubbly throws and pillows are a textural element that not only look inviting, they feel wonderful as well. Subtle scents and soothing sounds will also influence mood, so play with ways to engage different senses.

Play Up Outdoor Views

If you’re fortunate to have views, make them a focal point. Nature has a significant impact on mood — ever heard of forest bathing? The view alone can be helpful, bringing a much-needed connection to the great outdoors. 

Creating a peaceful home starts with, well, the home. If you’re ready to buy in San Francisco, I’d love to help.

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