San Francisco’s Most Expensive Homes Still on the Market

As of December 2019, San Francisco’s median home price clocked in at just under $1.6 million, but the ultra-luxury market is a different animal altogether. When a property is so unique it has nothing to compare itself with, besides similarly unique properties globally, the one percent of the one percent of homes can often take years to sell.  The city has the Bay Area’s third largest market for homes over $5 million, and according to this Robb Report, San Francisco also the most billionaires per capita on Earth. Last week, we wrote about the hidden reason San Francisco real estate costs so much, so maybe down the line the price tags for 2019’s most expensive San Francisco homes may seem downright reasonable.

The $40 Million Stunner on Lombard

From location to amenities, this place is truly my favorite on the list – and it doesn’t hurt that it’s listed by one of the nicest agents in the city. Touted as one of the most expensive homes in 2018, it’s shaping up to hold the same title in 2020. The list price has come down a smidge — a mere $400,000 since it was originally listed — but we all know listing prices don’t actually drive the sale and are often just “conversation starters.”  The pool overlooks Coit Tower, which lights up nightly like it’s your own personal piece of artwork (ahh, how divine!).  The home boasts six bedrooms (rather modest for a mansion) and eight bathrooms, because you never can have too many bathrooms.  At 9495 square feet, it is one of the San Francisco’s largest residential lots. Bottom line – if I had the money, this is the one I would buy. 

The $23 Million-and-Change Showpiece on Washington

If these walls could talk, there would be a few stories to tell. It’s been listed as trustee sale for years and has had more than its share of both offers and suitors “for a discounted price.” Known as Le Petit Trianon, the home was inspired by the Chateau at Versailles Palace in France, which tells you pretty much everything about the level of grandeur you can expect. At close to 19,000 square feet, it’s regarded as one of the city’s architectural masterpieces and designated a National Historic Landmark (which makes it hard to alter in anyway and even harder to remodel). My guess is that’s part of the reason it’s taken so long to find its new caretaker. 

The $30 Million Contemporary on Union

If the sellers of this place read our post about the best week to buy, maybe that was the motivation to list. Either way, this incredible home on Union Street was built in 2018 and listed in September for a cool $29.8 million. It’s a LEED Platinum-certified home designed for the contemporary family. At just under 5,500 square feet, it’s the smallest of the top three, but the indoor-outdoor design likely does wonders for entertaining and the view of the Golden Gate bridge is beyond spectacular. For those seeking a modern minimalist that’s essentially brand new in a great San Francisco location, this is the one.  

Looking Ahead

Want to see them in the flesh? I’d be happy to accommodate you there, but beware that showings at this level require validation you can actually afford the purchase. Most listing agents aren’t willing to give up half of their workday to accommodate the “just looking” crowd. I love this story from Nina Hatvany, another agent I respect greatly, about the bogus buyer. If you’ve worked in San Francisco as long as I have you, you’ll have run across one of these at least once.

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