San Francisco Bay Area Housing Market Reports — A Deep Dive

The San Francisco Bay Area covers a lot of ground, meaning there are all kinds of submarkets with their own unique trends and statistics that influence the region’s overall numbers. Today, we’re giving those chart junkies a deeper dive into the numbers with this look at San Francisco Bay Area housing market reports. Quick note — the vast majority of the information below reflects overall trends for the entire region, so keep that in mind.

Home Value Appreciation

This chart spells out plainly the way home values in the Bay Area have appreciated, with steep climbs during the housing bubble of the early aughts, the subsequent market crash and ensuing recession, and the steady climb from 2012 on.

2019 Median House Sales Prices

San Francisco and San Mateo counties remained just about neck and neck in 2019 for median house prices. If you’re surprised that they’re tracking so close to each other, it’s worth mentioning the latter is home to tony cities like Atherton and Woodside, where high price tags are common. As this chart points out, that median price is a general statistic whereas the actual range of sales prices tends to get lost in this breakdown. Another notable fact here — San Francisco condos are coming in at a respectable fourth place. 

Bay Area Home Sales by Price Segment

If you’re laboring under the misconception that home sales in the Bay Area are all upwards of $1 million, read and learn! Just over 61% of sales were under the $1 million mark. Another 30% were between $1 and $1.9 million, and just over 9% were sold above $2 million. Again, these are numbers are reflective of the entire Bay Area, but still.


We’re written before about the ebb and flow of new listings in any given year, and this chart lays it out beautifully. You can see the spring selling season kicking into high gear, the slide into fall and its gradual decrease, and the slowest month of the year — December.


The charts and graphs go on, so feel free to hop over to Compass and keep scrolling if there’s a particular set of numbers you’re looking for. I’m a fan of using charts for an overall gauge of the market, but the specifics of the home you may be interested in buying or selling often defy general stats so it’s a savvy move to rope in an expert. If buying or selling in the San Francisco/Bay Area is on your mind, give me a call. I’d love to help.

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