Pfizer moves to Mission Bay

It’s a good sign for all the new developments in Mission Bay that Pfizer just announced the corporate headquarters for their Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center are moving from South San Francisco to the Mission Bay.

“This move to be next door to U.C.S.F.’s Mission Bay campus will position Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center for success in the aggressive pursuit of the most exciting and innovative science and the recruitment of the very best scientists,” said Corey Goodman, Ph.D., President of the Pfizer Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center.

Our mayor Mr. Gavin Newsom is quoted in classic politico speak as saying that it is ‘…a clear indication that Mission Bay is one of the nation’s premier life science centers’ and I for one hope that turns out to be true. More people to support some of my favorite arts, the Ballet, Symphony and Opera, plus interesting intelligent clients to work with, count me in.

Assuming Pfizer becomes the first of many ‘anchor tenants’ if you will ….the question becomes what buildings will emerge as the front runners in the Mission Bay development housing game? My early money is on Esprit Park. New idealistic developers, run by an experienced, detail-oriented agent who knows what sells and what is the ‘right’ thing to do. Great location – across from a park and a block from a Blue Bottle Coffee serving Café…a short decent walk to Potrero shops and Café Mama – I endorse. Ok so they are a bit ‘off’ on their delivery dates. You cant rush perfection – let’s hope it is perfect by the time it’s done.

I looked but was unimpressed with my preview of the Radiance (warning irritating music on web site), – but they do throw a great party. With the exception of the water facing units, which will be nice, and rare in their own way, the building felt too….I dunno…vanilla. The fire pit overlooking the water was also a possible serene outlook, but a little too open to all the other units for my liking – nice to overlook I suppose if they keep it lit.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a building will shape into until it’s occupied. My worst bet early in my career was pooh poohing the Oriental Warehouse – which although the sound transferrance is abysmal – has maintained some impressive resale values and continues to be one of the most highly sought after South Beach conversion loft buildings.

I’m also hearing good initial responses from the Arterra (see note about music on the Radiance) – it ‘smells nice’ which counts for much in this world of toxic building and chemical sensitivities. I’m thinking despite the location that building will also hold it’s value in years to come.

I’m starting to like the look of Mission Bay, and may I say it’s been a L O N G time coming….let’s see what happens. Biotech Alley…urban density and a cure for cancer – how can it be a bad thing?

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  • Melissa | Talk San Francisco Real Estate

    Mission Bay has been a long time coming. I definitely think that, putting aside all of the new residential developments, the new Pfizer Center along with the UCSF Mission Bay Campus is going to be the defining factor for Mission Bay. I have several friends in the medical field, and one thing that I found out is that there are nurses who travel and take short term assignments anywhere in the country. The hospital/clinic where they work pays for their rent as well. Being that San Francisco is such a desirable place to live, I think this will drive up property values in Mission Bay as well. Mission Bay will be desirable to owners and investors alike.

  • It’s great to see housing and jobs together in one neighborhood. Affords greeener lifestyles.

  • Buyers of condos at the new Development at Mission Bay, Radiance, be aware of environmental contamination. The seller , Bosa Development is not fully disclosing the status of cancer causing chemicals around and below their building. They will also steal your deposit, so be careful dealing with them and require the full disclosure.

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