Market Seasonality in San Francisco

Seasonality is a big topic in the real estate world. And it makes sense. According to Investopedia, the time of year can impact home sales by as much as 10%. But in a smoking hot market like San Francisco, does seasonality even matter? You better believe it!

And the Big Month Is…

Spring is the biggest overall selling season in San Francisco, but the single month with the highest number of new listings in the City by the Bay is usually September. The fall season is relatively short-lived, with activity dipping pretty significantly by November.

The Luxury Home Effect

Interestingly, it’s not the standard seasonal markers driving price fluctuations. In San Francisco, luxury home sales are even more seasonable than the general market, and that seasonality directly impacts median sales prices. During spring and autumn, luxury home sales drive up median prices. When luxury home sales dip during the winter and over the summer, median prices likewise fall. Still, this is the San Francisco market we’re talking about. There really isn’t a bad time to list, and an agent experienced in selling year-round can advise you about your home specifically. If you’re debating the best time to list in San Francisco, let’s talk about it.

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