Lighting Design Trends in the Bay and Beyond

meredith-martin-broker-san-franciscoFlattering lighting when a home is on the market is an old agent’s trick. And it makes sense. The lighter and brighter a space is, the bigger it feels. But even if good lighting is a no-brainer come selling time, it’s something worth enjoying every day. Special thanks to Leonard Steinberg at our Compass Manhattan offices for bringing these lighting design trends to our attention! Read, learn, and light it up.

Bye Bye, Dated Chandelier

The last decade – and probably a few decades prior – saw the chandelier out in full force. But times, they are a-changing. Here’s what’s trending in the lighting world now.

  • Discreet light sources at multiple levels in a space – This is easily doable with flexible, easy-to-hide LEDs.
  • A minimum of five different light heights – Position them around the space to diffuse light for an energetic, enigmatic effect.
  • Avoid downlighting like the plague – There’s no better way to highlight every single ding, line and imperfection than with harsh downlighting. In the words of Leonard, it’s positively “witch-like” – and nobody wants that.
  • Get the recessed look on the cheap – While recessed alcove lighting can be prohibitively pricey, you can get the same affect with LED light strips. Plus, they’re easy to hide and they don’t need as much space.
  • The rule of three – Try combining pendant lighting, task lights, and lamps for a beautifully lit space.
  • Switch to LED – These clever little lights burn far cooler, making them suitable for use almost anywhere without the excessive energy burn or fire risk.
  • Keep it warm – Do your spaces a favor with the right light temperature. Keep it 2,700 kelvins or lower to avoid that unflattering ghostly effect.
  • Dimmers, dimmers, dimmers – Just trust us.

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