Let’s Try Some Good News for a Change

It’s been a long, largely negative news cycle over the last two months, and we’ve covered what you should do if you can’t make rent or mortgage payments, whether you can sell during shelter-in-place orders, how a pandemic changes real estate, raw data, and even guided meditation. Now, I’m sharing some good news for a change. 

An Upward Trend

Over the last two weeks, the number of homes going into contract in 17 Compass markets has trended upward. I share all the real-time data right here, but a few key takeaways before you make the jump:

  • A notable increase in properties going under contract in those parts of the countries that have lifted restrictions over the last two weeks
  • Low inventories in many areas that have yet to ease restrictions, signaling that new properties are waiting for that green light
  • This information is true real-time data, reflecting activity as it happens and not after sales close

The Value of Accurate Data

Access to Compass technology makes my job easier, and if you’re a buyer or seller, it’s the information you need. If a real-time analysis tailored to your needs and interests and the specific details of our San Francisco market sounds useful, I’d love to make that available to you. Give me a call today, and let’s use accurate data to talk through your options.

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