Intuition & Focus – A Review of Meredith Martin

When it comes time to sell or buy in the Bay Area, a handful of names consistently come up. Meredith Martin and CeCe Blaise are usually among them. So when Patti Conway inherited a 1920s home that she didn’t want to keep, a referral to the perfect agent duo was quickly forthcoming.

It wasn’t just their shared track record that made Meredith and CeCe such a good fit.

“Meredith is just adorable,” laughs Patti. “She’s someone I would want to hang out with. I’ve dealt with realtors in the past, and it sounds prejudiced to say, but I don’t really like them. I just find them kind of pushy. I didn’t feel at all that way with these women. They were engaging, professional, they just told it how it was. I was really blown away. And Meredith is just so natural and easy to talk to, it’s wonderful.”

She’s also incredibly focused, wasting no time getting things started on Patti’s inherited home. “We told them what we wanted,” explains Patti, “and then my husband and I were gone for a few months.” While they traveled, Meredith pulled together her list of contractors and designers for proposals.

“The house was, I think, built in ’26 and literally had nothing done to it,” says Patti. “It needed a lot of work and they had proposals written up so that when we got to the house, it was easy. They just took care of all of that so that I didn’t have to do any of the ground work.”


Things moved quickly once a few design decisions were made.

“Meredith worked very closely with them,” says Patti. “She really knew the bones of the house. It was definitely a team process, which was so nice for me. It was just out of my hands, and I felt comfortable that they had our best interests at heart.  I wanted it to be professional and affordable and that’s what happened.”

It makes this experience vastly different from other homes Patti has sold in the past. “I’ve dealt with this before, when it just seems to go on and on,” Patti says. “They just priced it right, they watched the numbers, they knew when to put it on the market. They looked at comps in the surrounding area, all things I normally always felt like I had to do – you know, jumping on the MLS all the time. That’s not my profession, that’s not what I do, and it was so nice because they were so on top of it.” 

Work began on Patti’s home toward the end of June, and before the middle of September, it sold significantly above asking price.

“I would recommend them highly,” Patti says. “The professionalism, the expedience, I just thought they were the best.”

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