Five Surface Trends for 2019

Options for flooring, walls, and countertops are virtually limitless, but the latest crop of designer darlings are showing admirable staying power – useful information for those of you planning home upgrades with the hopes of selling in the near future (particularly in a market like San Francisco). At the International Surface Event 2019 in Las Vegas, geometric designs, luxurious vinyl, and refined faux hardwood porcelain tiles were everywhere – but that’s not all. Thanks to Houzz for the round-up of these five surface trends for 2019.


1. We Still Love Patterned Tiles

Bold decorative tiles – think arabesque and encaustic – are an ancient aesthetic that have come back in a big way. The latest trend? Mixing geometrics with neutral colors.


2. Faux Wood Is Only Getting Better

Tile passing for wood has been around for a while now, but continued refinements to digital printing technology makes them look more realistic than ever. That means an aesthetic to match the low-maintenance upkeep, plus a smaller price tag than what you’d expect for real hardwood. The Surfaces show saw the faux wood look in everything from laminate to porcelain tile to vinyl, running the gamut in colors and finishes. 

3. A Color Palette Straight from Mother Nature

While gray continues to enjoy excessive popularity, darker hues are making a comeback. Tile preferences mimic natural stone, while hardwood inclinations veer to earth tones. Of some surprise – rich blues are also growing in popularity.


4. Mixing It Up

Visual interest matters, and mixing materials all but guarantees something intriguing. Going for something a little left of ordinary with tiles made of metal, wood, glass, and stone is proving to be an easy way to stand out.


5. Super Sizes

Flooring is going big, and that’s true for hardwood, faux wood planks, and tiles. Even 24 x 24 inch tile is on the small end of today’s super-sized preferences, while the ideal plank width hits right around 7.5 inches.

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