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Started by Marcia Gagliardi of Tablehopper fame, Deep Dishing is all about what to eat in Bay Area restaurants. It was created using Phile, which lets anyone create a website to share information about the things you love in an organized way. Which, in this case, is food. Let’s dish.

Deep Dishing is a forum of positivity. This is a community site designed to guide you to what to order, what’s delicious, and other good tips when you’re heading to a Bay Area restaurant, bar, or bakery.

The concept is this: any time you’re going to a restaurant (especially a new one), you’ll be able to go to Deep Dishing first and quickly learn what are the best/can’t-miss dishes to order, what drinks are notable, where to sit, and any other cool tips, like secret menu items, happy hour specials, and other tidbits that make you a power diner. When you show up to the restaurant, you’re armed and ready with useful knowledge, and hopefully stretching your dollar as far as it can go on the best choices.

Don’t you hate it when you go somewhere and then later on a friend says, “Wait, you didn’t get the fried chicken/agnolotti/uni risotto/[whatever the hell it was you were supposed to order]?” Yeah, I hate that, too. Almost as much as I hate spending $28 on a dish that sucks. Every place does at least a few dishes really well, and Deep Dishing is about sharing what those are—which is especially useful to know the first time you’re going somewhere. 

You can vote and comment on dishes, which is an important function of the site—if you agree that the fried pigs ears at SPQR are amazing (which they are), you can give that dish a thumbs up, and it will rise to the top in popularity. There is also the Tip Please! forum where you can ask questions, or help solve the dilemmas of your fellow diners.

If you had a negative experience somewhere, or there was a dish you didn’t care for, Deep Dishing is not the place to talk about it. We’re going to wait and see if everyone can (please) abide by this rule and keep it positive—otherwise, we’ll be forced to enact some policing (wooooo, pull it on over, cranky person!). I’m super excited to launch Deep Dishing, which will be a friendly place to share and quickly find details about what’s good in restaurants in the Bay Area (and beyond). We’re starting locally (Bay Area and wine country), but the site’s locations will expand soon. And some functionality and cool features will be coming, too—just you wait.

Be sure to follow Deep Dishing on Twitter to keep up on special highlights and news.

Meredith Martin is a life long resident of the bay area and a real estate professional with over 15 years experience. She can be reached at

CalBRE #01224570

2 comments On Deep Dishing

  • What a cool concept! I know what you mean about finding out, too late, that you didn’t order the dish a restaurant is famous for making. While it isn’t one of life’s great tragedies, it does suck to miss out on something truly worthwhile.

  • Wow! As someone who is constantly ordering the wrong thing and resenting it, i am super-excited to start perusing DeepDishing. I’m going out tonight so i’m starting NOW.

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