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Ten years ago, the idea of the fixer-upper was appealing to a lot of buyers. But the dated “before” look is a huge turn-off these days, at least in the pricey Bay Area, where people who can afford to buy generally have more money than time. The majority of buyers aren’t into the idea of sweat equity — they’re looking for as close to move-in ready as they can get, and they aren’t interested in inheriting your never-ending fix-it list that you never got around to doing. Why would they?


Compass Concierge offers to pay out of their pocked the costs of staging or renovations  — think fresh paint, new hardware or carpet that has seen better days, and even more extensive home improvements like dry rot repair, or updating kitchens and bathrooms. Listings that use Compass Concierge generally sell faster for more money, because the simple truth is that move-in ready properties sell for a premium. Compass recoups the cost of the updates from the sale proceeds of the home after it sells.

A townhouse in Corte Madera before its facelift.

I’ve personally had great success with Compass Concierge and a variety of mini and major facelifts (see before and after above and below – full credit to Mis En Place for staging and project management). It has without a doubt been a game changer for my clients who otherwise didn’t have the liquid cash handy. I’ve used it for simple staging jobs (around $6000) to bigger projects including paint, carpets, tile, updating appliances and landscaping. It’s a versatile tool in my toolbox that offers an array of services, all designed to help you keep the profits of your home in your own hands. 

The same home, ready to wow buyers.

The Takeaway

For many sellers, the upfront cost of getting their home ready for the market is simply too great. Compass Concierge is a strategic workaround that puts your home in position for the highest return. All sellers with an exclusive Compass listing agreement are eligible. If you’re thinking of selling in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to know more, give me a call.

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