Cleaning Your New Home: How to Get It Into Shape Without Wrecking Your Budget

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Cleaning your new home before you move in is a big job, but it’s an important one. Whether it’s newly built or previously owned, every house should be deep-cleaned to ensure that the air quality is in top shape before a family moves in. This is because dust, pollen, pet dander, and other debris can linger and become clogged in air ducts and filters, which can cause problems for you and your loved ones. It can be expensive to deep-clean an entire house, however, and when it comes on top of all the money you’ve just spent on the home itself, your finances may become overwhelmed. 

Fortunately, there are many ways you can get your home into great shape without completely destroying your budget. From using coupons and cashback opportunities at retailers for cleaning supplies to keeping the filters clean and changed throughout your home, there are several things you can do to ensure everything is clean and safe without spending a ton of money in the process. Keep reading for some great tips from on how to get started.

Save Money on the Supplies You Need

Cleaning supplies can add up when you have a whole house to take care of, so look for Walmart coupons to make the job easier. This will allow you to make sure every room — from the bathroom to the kitchen — is move-in ready without putting a strain on your wallet. When it comes to making your new place look nice, or adding a relaxing touch to the bathroom, look for unscented candles to do the job and keep the air quality nice and fresh. 

Get Creative

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on fancy cleaning products for those hard-to-reach areas in your new home, including that pesky ceiling fan; get creative and use an item you already have around the house, such as an old pillowcase. If you slip the cloth around the fan blades and wipe slowly from the center out, much of the dust and debris will go inside the pillowcase, turning a tricky cleaning problem into an easy one. 

Use a Clean Vacuum

Carpeting can be bad for indoor air quality, but cleaning your floors can help you keep allergens at bay, therefore keeping your family healthy. If you have carpet, a good vacuum will pull up pet hair, dander, dirt, dust, and bacteria and keep it from getting spit back out into the air. Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and remember to use it often — at least once a week — in order to make sure the floors are as clean as possible. These vacuums can come with a bigger price tag than others, but you’ll save money on the reusable filter. 

Look for Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation in your home can prevent air quality issues with the air ducts, but it can also prevent the formation of mold and humidity issues. In bathrooms and basement areas, it’s especially important to make sure vents aren’t blocked and that a fan is installed to help keep things dry. When taking a steamy shower, leave the door open a bit when possible to prevent a buildup of moisture. Taking these precautions now will help save you money in the long run since rot and mold can be very costly to fix and get rid of.

Put These Tips to Good Use Before Your Leave Your Old Home

Chances are that you’ll need to do some work on your previous home before you move out — especially if you’re selling your home. Although making sure you clean it from top to bottom is incredibly important, it’s only part of the battle if you want to attract buyers and keep your appraisal value in good standing. So, once you’ve got everything cleaned (whether you do it or you hire a professional cleaning company to handle it), tackle budget-minded repair projects, clean up your yard to help with curb appeal, and make sure that the property is staged in a way that maximizes its appeal. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile in the end.

Cleaning your new home may take some time, but it will be well worth the effort when you move into a sparkling house that has perfect air quality. With a good plan, you can ensure the process is as budget-friendly as possible and that your family stays healthy at the same time.

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