What the Lowest Mortgage Rates of All Time Mean for San Francisco Buyers & Homeowners


Mortgage rates have fallen to historic lows, thanks to uncertainties surrounding the economic impact of the coronovirus. The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit a record 3.29% this week, which is the lowest ever in its nearly 50-year history. Here’s what that means for homebuyers and homeowners in San Francisco and across the country. By the Numbers If you bought a million dollar house in the city late last year, locking in your interest rate on December 5, 2019, you likely

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San Francisco Real Estate and the Holidays

Are you thinking of buying or selling your home? Perhaps you’re expanding and considering your current home as an investment property and entering it in the rental market? The 4th quarter is historically filled with low-inventory and quiet real estate offices. The holidays are a wonderful time to begin exploring your options. To begin, set your financial house in order. File tax returns early to ease the process and align with a trusted mortgage lender. Connect with your financial planner

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Pay Down or Pay off Your Mortgage? There’s a lot to consider…

From Friday’s New York Times came a great article about want you might want to consideration when thinking about paying down or paying off your mortgage.  It came at a great time as I had just been having dinner with friends discussing this very topic. PAYING off a mortgage or even paying down the balance early might seem enticing to most borrowers. There’s the big savings in interest payments and the freed-up cash flow that can result, not to mention

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Voluntary Refinance Best Bet for Bay Area Mortgage Relief

As reported on CBS news, and most recently in the SF Chronicle, the Housing Rescue Plan is expected to widely bypass most Bay Area homeowners. What’s the primary reason? “Only a small percentage of Bay Area mortgage holders meet the criteria for the low-cost refinances being offered to help stabilize the housing market. To qualify, loans must have been for less than $417,000 if issued more than a year ago, and homes cannot be underwater by more than 5 percent…But

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