Cleaning Your New Home: How to Get It Into Shape Without Wrecking Your Budget

Special thanks to Suzie Wilson at Happier Home for this week’s post. Cleaning your new home before you move in is a big job, but it’s an important one. Whether it’s newly built or previously owned, every house should be deep-cleaned to ensure that the air quality is in top shape before a family moves in. This is because dust, pollen, pet dander, and other debris can linger and become clogged in air ducts and filters, which can cause problems

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No Parking, No Deal; SF Homebuyer’s Loves & Hates

  San Franciscans love their homes–for the most part. With our legacy of notable architects, many reserve a special spot in their hearts for the innovative men and women of home design. From Julia Morgan to Willis Polk, from Bernard Maybeck to George A. Applegarth, some of the most brilliant minds in the architectural world have left a mark. Even the best intentions sometimes fail, however. Not every design is a winner. There are things people love about their homes,

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