Roaming Cows in Reno’s Caughlin Ranch — A Cautionary Tale of Nevada’s Open Range Law


A few months ago and a few blocks from my home in Reno, a seemingly amusing post cropped up on the NextDoor app. A herd of cows innocently wandered in from —we’re not sure where — and started grazing on the very expensive front yards of several of my neighbor’s homes. Up here in Reno, we’re used to bears, rabbits, coyotes and depending on your location, a wild mustang herd to two, but cows invading a residential neighborhood? Now that’s unusual!

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A Sneak Peek at 2023 Colors of the Year


Experts are already forecasting 2023’s colors of the year, and they run the gamut from neutrals to earth tones to a vibrant, eye-popping red-orange. If you’re a fan of on-trend colors in your home, here’s what we’ll likely be seeing next year. Green is the New Neutral Think of it as the comfort food of color. Krylon picked a deep forest green shade for its color of the year, and it’s a shade that evokes deep forests and the richness

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Hiking Lake Tahoe’s Shirley Canyon

One of the hands-down best parts of living in northern Nevada is the access it offers to the Lake Tahoe basin. Case in point? Shirley Canyon. It’s considered one of Tahoe’s most beautiful half-day hikes, complete with tumbling waterfalls, a lake, stunning wildflowers, striking granite boulders, clean mountain air, and endless vistas. Here’s what to know about hiking Lake Tahoe’s dog-friendly Shirley Canyon. Getting Started & What to Expect Trailhead access can be found at the end of Squaw Peak

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The Five Best Natural Hot Springs in Nevada


There’s something special about stumbling across a natural hot spring way out in the middle of nowhere. And Nevada has a lot of space to get lost. The more I learn about my new state, the more excited I get, so let’s take a look at the five best natural hot springs in Nevada. Spencer Hot Springs With a view of the Toiyabe Range as a backdrop to the Nevada desert, these primitive pools are about three hours and change

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15 Minutes to Zen — A Guided Meditation

In a time when stress is at an all-time high, there’s something to be said for spending fifteen minutes just breathing. Last week, I shared a list of actions to be taken if you can’t make your rent or mortgage payments and today, I’m offering another resource. Research shows meditation can serve as a quick-fix stress buster to reverse the body’s stress response, putting you in a calmer state of mind to face challenges with a healthy attitude. On Friday

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