Thoughts on Pricing Strategies When You’re Selling a Home

There’s a lot that goes into pricing a home to sell. And while every house requires its own strategy for pricing, one thing remains constant: the number you land on needs to reflect local and current market conditions. Today, I’m sharing some thoughts on pricing strategies and considerations when you’re selling a property. Pricing a Property: What to Keep in Mind Since pricing strategies should account for precisely what’s happening in the local market, you’ll need to take your cues

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9 Pro Tips for Negotiating a Real Estate Offer


Finally! It’s been a long time since buyers even had the chance to negotiate, and while the reasons for that aren’t great (decades-high interest rates) and some properties are definitely still benefiting from multiple offers (location, type and original asking price dependent), there are some good properties that have been sitting. Now and into the end of the year is the best time to start sifting through them, which brings us to the much written-about, invaluable art of negotiation.   In real

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Data Confirms What Already Knew: In Real Estate, Experience Matters


In most things, experience is at best an asset. Real estate is no exception. Now, research from the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper in September of 202 confirms that the level of experience of your real estate agents does in fact have a monetary effect on your outcome. Let’s break it down. From the Study A professor of real estate and a professor of finance at Yale School of Management looked at data from 8.5 million transactions

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The Broker-Buyer Agreement And Why You’ll be Hearing More About Them


For years in this country, working agreements between a buyer and a real estate agent amounted to a handshake agreement, and sellers have been the ones to pay both sides of a transaction through the commission portion of a listing agreement. More and more, however, buyer’s agents are routinely asking for a document known as a buyer-broker agreement to be signed upon developing a working relationship. Below is a description of the buyer-broker agreement, why things have recently changed, and how

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The First Week of October is Historically the Best Time to Buy


I have long used the adage, “spring is the time to sell, fall is the time to buy,” and with a couple of notable exceptions (2009 and 2020), that has held true through my entire 29-year career. Timing your purchase is not always doable, of course, since you have to find the right property to bid on, but aiming for that can be a strategic way to take advantage of market seasonality. As it turns out, the first week of

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