What A Real Estate Agent Can Do For You – And What They Can’t

I’ve had many personal trainers in my life, but one of the best I ever had sat me down before we ever met in the gym and asked me what my goals were for working out. Of course, my real goal was just to lose weight. But being somebody who doesn’t like to be pigeonholed, I named a number of things and left losing weight and looking better to eighth or ninth on the list. What he said next was

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Nevada is Earthquake Territory Too – Here’s What to Know


Hurricanes may not be a major threat in Nevada, but we have natural disasters of our own. Aside from wildfires, earthquakes are more of a factor than most people realize, especially in northern Nevada. Here’s what you need to know about earthquake hazards if you live in the Silver State, plus some handy tips for being earthquake prepared (AKA, general disaster preparedness). Sometimes locals jest about “the big one” that will knock California off into the Pacific Ocean and give

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Neighborhood Compost Collection in Reno Made Easy


Being conscious of how much trash is being generated is on a lot of people’s minds these days. In San Francisco Recology has composting ‘mostly’ handled with effective if not stinky green bins, but other areas like Tahoe and Reno don’t yet have that capacity. In Reno, I use a Lomi at my home but if you’re the type that wants something a little less pricey where they pick up for you in Reno Down to Earth Composting is making

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What Condo Owners Need to Know about EV Charging Station Installations


As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, charging stations are likewise becoming a bigger topic of conversation. Installing a charger in your personal garage is one thing, but what happens in a condo scenario with an HOA? Specifically, if an HOA complex doesn’t have the necessary power to supply a charging station, who’s footing the bill? Let’s discuss. Let’s Call Them Growing Pains Electric vehicles have their benefits, but the transition isn’t without its drawbacks. One example is

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Best Practices for Moving on a Budget


Surprise – you can move on a budget, even if you spring for hiring a moving company. The key is planning ahead and being both flexible and organized. After running this gauntlet personally multiple times and sharing my tips with clients, I’m putting them all in one place. Read on for best practices for moving on a budget. Start Planning Early Whether you’re on a budget or not, leaving all the details of your move to the last minute will

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