How Does the Fed’s Rate Increase Really Affect Mortgages?


It’s hard to miss the headlines about the Federal Reserve’s benchmark interest rate hike – a full three-quarters of a percentage point, the biggest increase in 28 years. So what does that mean for mortgages? While it’s true that efforts to tame inflation by increasing the short term lending rates affects everything from credit card borrowing and car loans to, yes mortgages, it’s not as straightforward as many people assume, especially where 30 year fixed mortgages are concerned. The Fed’s

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The Real Estate Market is at the Start of the Shift

At the beginning of any real estate market shift, we see inconsistent deals happen. One listing will sell for over 30% of its list price, while another seemingly similar one will receive no offers at all. That’s because odd deals are typical of a changing market, which is what we are most certainly in. While these charts are local to San Francisco, we’re seeing similar trends happening in every market in the country.  Year over year we’ve only seen a 3%

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Craigslist, Scammers, and Real Estate


Every few weeks, I get a call from someone who is reaching out to see whether a property I had listed is actually for rent. These tech-savvy folks have often performed a reverse search on the photos posted in the rental listing and found my information. Almost always, my answer is no – the property is not for rent, the photos and/or listing details are being used without permission, and they’re interacting with a scammer. Here’s what to know about

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Home’s Value Against Climate Risk


There are a number of considerations when you’re buying a home, investment or not. But something off the radar is increasingly worth paying attention to — the effect of climate change and its ability to damage property or make getting insurance coverage a challenge. JPMorgan has a great piece on the topic — make the jump to read in full or keep scrolling for the highlights. We’re sharing their 5 tips for protecting your home’s value against climate risk. First,

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Behind the Scenes — Why Agents Don’t Necessarily Love a Heated Market


Real estate these days is, in a word, nuts. And in this increasingly heated market, one of the number one things I hear is, “you must be loving this market!” Actually, you’d be surprised. When most people think about a hot market, they consider its effects on buyers — stress, anxiety, the roller coaster of multiple offers and bidding wars. But what about the folks on the other side of the deal? I’m going to let you in on a

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