Seven Things Homebuyers Really Believe


There’s a standing joke about real estate agents as therapists, and there’s some truth to the idea. But listening and analyzing and advising aside, the job of a good real estate agent is to guide. And a big part of the guidance process is educating buyers by debunking all the inaccurate assumptions they have about the housing market. Here are seven all-too-common buyer beliefs most agents see all the time. My cousin/sister-in-law/great aunt is an agent and will totally help

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Home Buyer Priorities Before & After Lockdown


A recent look at buyers’ housing preferences and priorities pre and mid lockdowns can be summed up with this: there are a wave of buyers looking to trade up, but no one wants to compromise. The New Normal More time at home means a shift in priorities. Since the pandemic began, prospective buyers — which includes many who are looking to trade out of their no longer functional work and home spaces — have significantly changed their search parameters. The

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The SF Real Estate Headlines We’ll Probably See In About Eight Weeks


As the city’s housing market ping-pongs around in the new normal of COVID-19, a few facts are emerging. First, single-family homes are selling and at a good clip. Second, we’re creeping up to a six-month supply of condos in the city — the largest I’ve seen since the Great Recession. And the mainstream press has yet to report on it.  What the Media is Missing Right now, current real estate headlines are touting: People are ‘fleeing’ cities, which is not

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Two Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Real Estate Agent (And How to Do It)


Relationships can be rough. And I’m not talking about the romantic stuff. Your doctor, your therapist, your accountant — it can take a little trial and error before you land on a winner. The same goes for your real estate agent. If things aren’t working out, don’t suffer through it. No matter how much your friend raved over a particular agent, and depending on agreements you may have signed, it is possible to end the relationship. Here are two signs

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Home Renovations and Value — An Insider’s Perspective


Last week, we wrote a post for the proud new owners of fixer-uppers. If your idea is to buy the worst house on the best block and dump a bunch of money into renovations, read on! Unfortunately, the market doesn’t care about specific accounting or how much time, money and effort you put into your remodel. It’s not a simple equation of home price plus renovation costs equals new, higher home value. When it comes to home renovation and value, here’s the

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