What the Recent Bank Failures Means for Buyers


One of the unexpected outcomes of the recent bank failures making headline news these past few days is there has been a “flight to safety” which for now, has had a positive impact on mortgage interest rates.  Here’s what has unfolded so far. The difference a week makes Banking clients had been quite happy the beginning of last week with their favorite local lenders (otherwise known as regional banks) until word got out that maybe they weren’t as liquid in

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Early 2023 Data Suggests Home Buyers are Beginning to Jump Back In


The holiday season means December is typically the slowest month of the year when it comes to real estate deal making. It routinely clocks the lowest number of listings going into contract, which means January typically posts the lowest monthly number of closed sales. Now, early 2023 data is suggesting that home buyers are beginning to jump back into the market. New Listings & Sold A downward trend of listing inventory and an upward trend of the number of properties

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Boots-On-The-Ground Real Estate Data, And Why It Matters


Consumers who rely on media headlines are certain to be at a decision-making disadvantage. Real estate data is a vital tool and it can provide valuable insight. However, not all data is created equal, and it’s essential that the information you use is accurate, relevant and up-to-date. This is where local professionals who see things in real-time come in. There is a difference between generalized public market data that shows macro trends and what an experienced real estate agent can

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Ready for an Epic Ski Season? All-In-One Weather and Snow Conditions for Reno-Tahoe


In Reno-Tahoe, the recent series of major storms may have shut roads and set people up for one of the biggest home ownership headaches, but there is an upside – all that white gold means we’re in for an epic Tahoe ski season. One look at any of the resort webcams makes that clear, and so do the stats – the snowpack in the Sierra is at 215% for this time of year. Snowpack peaks are typically around April 1,

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Why Your Home (And Wallet) May Benefit from a Heat Pump


Due to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, there are some generous tax credits being offered for energy-efficient home updates. One of the upgrades I’m looking at making in my own home is swapping out our aging air conditioners—which, as of last service, I was told have a maximum of three years left—to an energy-efficient heat pump.  According to ‘experts’ they are the cheapest and most efficient way to handle both heating and cooling, no matter where you live. In other

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