The Little Slice of Hell House: A Lesson on Honesty in Real Estate


You probably read about the Colorado home that was listed as a “little slice of hell.” The real estate agent marketed this “investor special” as frankly as possibly in an effort to avoid any surprises for potential buyers. From candid photographs to blunt descriptions, she was painfully honest. It wasn’t the seller’s idea, but she trusted her agent. And it paid off—offers started rolling in when the listing was just a few days old. It’s an extreme example, but it

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A Real Estate Email Compromise Hack In Action


Earlier this year, I wrote about the email compromise scam in real estate. In a realtor’s forum recently, a fellow agent shared details of a hack literally in action. A Hack in Action The agent shared that she was in escrow representing the seller. The buyers received an alert in their personal bank account—the same account that would be used to wire money to escrow—that a new, external account had been set up, labeled “Escrow account.” The alert prompted the

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The Best Time to Emotionally Check Out During the Home Selling Process


For people who have made the decision to sell their “forever home” — the one filled with memories and emotions, where families were raised and grandchildren gather, the one that was renovated and improved and perfected — it’s entirely natural to find the experience highly charged. The same goes for folks selling just about any home. Traditionally, wherever you call home tends to hold many memories. So when is the best time to emotionally disconnect during the home selling process? Here’s

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Best Practices for Reading Appraisal Reports


Ever read your home’s appraisal report? A riveting document it’s not — unless you know what you’re looking for. This report is not only the appraiser’s opinion of your home’s value, it includes all of the factors the appraiser used to come up with that number. Here’s how to read it. How to Skim Your Appraisal First things first — get your hands on a copy of the report. You may have to request one from the lender, who will

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Should You Renovate Before You Sell?


Sellers looking for top dollar often consider home renovations to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. As we’ve previously discussed, we’re experiencing an extreme shortage of homes for sale right now, and we all know that low supply drives high demand. Buyers are competing for the limited homes on the market, and things are moving fast. So should you renovate before you sell? I’ll keep this one short. Reading the Room At this point, many buyers are willing

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