A $21,000 Mini Makeover Before Selling — Was it Worth It?

We’ve written before about that burning real estate question: should you renovate before you sell?  I said it then and I’ll say it now—a few key updates can make a huge difference in the final sales price and the profit you end up pocketing. Let’s dive into an example—a $21,000 mini makeover on a Pacific Heights condo. The Updates This two-bed/one-and-a-half-bath condo in Pacific Heights measured 814 square feet. And it needed a little love. In eighteen days, this place

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Hiking Lake Tahoe’s Shirley Canyon

One of the hands-down best parts of living in northern Nevada is the access it offers to the Lake Tahoe basin. Case in point? Shirley Canyon. It’s considered one of Tahoe’s most beautiful half-day hikes, complete with tumbling waterfalls, a lake, stunning wildflowers, striking granite boulders, clean mountain air, and endless vistas. Here’s what to know about hiking Lake Tahoe’s dog-friendly Shirley Canyon. Getting Started & What to Expect Trailhead access can be found at the end of Squaw Peak

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The Best Time to Emotionally Check Out During the Home Selling Process


For people who have made the decision to sell their “forever home” — the one filled with memories and emotions, where families were raised and grandchildren gather, the one that was renovated and improved and perfected — it’s entirely natural to find the experience highly charged. The same goes for folks selling just about any home. Traditionally, wherever you call home tends to hold many memories. So when is the best time to emotionally disconnect during the home selling process? Here’s

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Here’s Why Disputes Over Square Footage Happen


The size of a home — i.e. the square footage — is a big player in its appeal, value, and general marketability. It’s also where disputes tend to arise, largely because there are some variations in how that dwelling size is calculated. That’s why understanding and observing industry-accepted terms to define the size of a home are really important. “Gross Living Area” Appraisers use three ways to determine the value of a home, all of which are outlined in the

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The Added Value of a Pool — Should You Get One?


Another effect of the pandemic — pools have nearly doubled in value. A recent survey found that before the pandemic, homes with a pool sold for around $16,000 more than comparable homes without pools. Now, a home with a pool is going for roughly $27,000 more on average. Why does this matter, and more importantly, does it mean you should have a pool put in? A Nation-Wide Trend In warm parts of the country, pools were already an attractive feature.

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