A Sneak Peek at 2023 Colors of the Year


Experts are already forecasting 2023’s colors of the year, and they run the gamut from neutrals to earth tones to a vibrant, eye-popping red-orange. If you’re a fan of on-trend colors in your home, here’s what we’ll likely be seeing next year. Green is the New Neutral Think of it as the comfort food of color. Krylon picked a deep forest green shade for its color of the year, and it’s a shade that evokes deep forests and the richness

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San Francisco Announces Opening Schedule for Central Subway Project


Twenty-five years in the making – and way over budget – the Central Subway project officially has an opening day. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) announced that the city’s Central Subway will open with dedicated weekend shuttle service beginning November 19. Here’s what else to know about the Central Subway and its service. The Central Subway Project Rafael Mandelman, chair of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and District 8 supervisor, called the November opening a promise fulfilled

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Nevada is Earthquake Territory Too – Here’s What to Know


Hurricanes may not be a major threat in Nevada, but we have natural disasters of our own. Aside from wildfires, earthquakes are more of a factor than most people realize, especially in northern Nevada. Here’s what you need to know about earthquake hazards if you live in the Silver State, plus some handy tips for being earthquake prepared (AKA, general disaster preparedness). Sometimes locals jest about “the big one” that will knock California off into the Pacific Ocean and give

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Reno’s Zombie Crawl One of the Best & Biggest in the Nation

For a city of its size, Reno does special events exceptionally well. The annual Reno Zombie Crawl is another prime example. USA Today calls it one of the ten best costumed halloween parties in the nation. Redbook says it’s the best way to celebrate Halloween in Nevada. And some 15,000 people excitedly count down the days every year. This year’s crawl is October 22 – here’s what you need to know. Reno Zombie Crawl 2022 The premise of the crawl

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What California Residents Should Know about the Mechanic’s Lien


Property owners who use contractors or material suppliers for work on a specific property and then fail to pay for those services or materials can be slapped with a mechanic’s lien. Here’s what California residents should know about this type of legal claim. The mechanic’s lien A lien is a notice that has been filed against a property, usually through the county recorder’s office, to assert that the property owners owes money to a creditor. A mortgage is one type

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