Snow Tires for Winter Driving in Lake Tahoe


Driving the I-80 corridor or anywhere around Lake Tahoe in the winter months is no joke. Before heading out, get in the habit of checking chain controls in California and Nevada. Here’s a rundown on snow tires and chain requirements, plus my recommendation for the best places in San Francisco and Reno to get your tires ready for winter. Three Levels California highways have three levels of chain requirements based on a storm’s severity: R1, or requirement one: Chains are

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The Love Letter to the Home Seller — Effective, But Maybe Illegal?


The love letter — that carefully-worded note sent to a home’s seller, meant to make a human connection and personalize what is otherwise truly a business transaction — has its place in the real estate industry. But in California, that place may no longer be legal. Here’s why. New Guidance from the California Association of Realtors In October of this year, the California Association of Realtors took steps to ensure that the standard real estate love letter doesn’t violate fair

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California’s Prop 19 Means Property Tax Breaks for Older Homeowners


Between the pandemic and the election, the news cycle has been pretty dominated. But if you missed the fact that California’s Proposition 19 was approved by the state’s voters, and you happen to be a homeowner aged 55 or over, you’re in for some welcome news. In a nutshell, California’s Prop 19 upgrades Prop 60 or 90, which were much more restrictive, and means property tax breaks for older homeowners if you decide to move, which eliminates what is typically

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The Role of the Referral Agent in Real Estate


Connections can make all the different in real estate, whether you’re buying or selling. And a referral real estate agent is all about connections. Here’s what you should understand abut the role of the referral agent in real estate, why he or she is often the most connected person in the room, and how that benefits you. Call it a Win-Win-Win First, the definition — a referral real estate agent is an agent who refers a buyer or seller to

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Nine Ways You Might be Delaying Your Closing


If finding the right house was a challenge, get ready, because the actual closing tends to put people on pins and needles. There are so many moving parts to closing an escrow — the buyer, the seller, the lender, the escrow officer, and the title company all have to do their part. If one goes astray, it can jam up the works completely. It’s another reason to work with people who know what they’re doing. Here are nine ways you

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