Instead of the Standard Mid-February Inauguration, San Francisco’s Spring Selling Season Started in January


And that means it’s time to check in with the numbers. New listings are up 10%, pending sale are up 95%, and luxury house sales are up 87%. For those of you that can’t get enough data, below are a few of the charts outlining a few of the highlights. Annual Median Bay Area House Sales Price Yes, even during a pandemic, San Francisco real estate prices climbed. While the median house sales price wasn’t quite as impressive as in

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Four (Surprising) Home Upgrades That Can Downgrade Its Market Value


There are lots of home improvements that add to your bottom line when it’s time to sell. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that every dollar you spend on upgrades and renovations means a higher price tag on your home. Here are four (surprising) home upgrades that can actually downgrade your home’s market value. That Chef Kitchen Say it ain’t so! While the chef kitchen — aka the trophy kitchen — is often the star of a home, and

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What is Home Hardening? The New CA Disclosure Requirement AB 38


Parts of California are particularly vulnerable to wildfire, and the devastating toll over the last few years has made that clear. The concept of home hardening — i.e. using resistant materials during construction or retrofits to make a home more resistant to fire — builds on the state’s stringent fire-resilient building codes for homes and structures built since 2008. If you’re living in or planning a move to a wildfire area, it’s something with which you’ll need to become very familiar.

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Moving is Hard. Here’s How to Make it Easier.


Recently, I got an email for an epic moving checklist. There were 100 steps on this list, which is thorough, to be sure, but also daunting. Yes, there are many, many, many considerations when you’re moving, especially if you’re going to a new state, but is it truly a 100-step process? Maybe! In my experience, even those of us who think we know how much it takes to move and are prepared for it have a tendency to underestimate the

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The Importance Of Curation in Real Estate (And Everything)


They call this the Age of Information. But living in it, day in and day out, means navigating a crush of news, media, opinions and content that seems to be coming at us from every angle. That’s true across the board, and it’s true within respective industries. In real estate, which touches everyone in one way or another, we’re seeing more reports, more data, more news, more opinions, louder voices, more “experts,” more videos, more social media posts, more imagery,

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