An Introduction to Reno, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

About 22 miles from Lake Tahoe, along the Nevada-California border, is the city of Reno. It’s one of those hidden gems, with good schools, great restaurants, and easy access to plenty of outdoor pursuits. Those drawn to the area and making a decision about moving here are best served by learning about the various neighborhoods across the valley. 

Reno, and its sister city, Sparks, can be divided into 11 neighborhood regions. While they don’t have formal boundaries, below is a good overview neighborhood by neighborhood, bearing in mind there is sometimes debate about what district belongs where. 

Downtown Reno

This area used to be characterized by casino after casino, but a dazzling renaissance of sorts has turned it into a great place to live. Casino conversions into luxury condos, a downtown whitewater rafting park, tons of restaurants and bars, and regular concerts and events at Wingfield Park make it a bustling, happening place. Districts that can loosely be classified in or near here include Midtown, Wells Historic Bungalow District, Riverwalk, Liberty District, the Arch District and East 4th Street.  

Central Reno

Home to an international airport and nationally-recognized hospital, the central Reno neighborhood also has a mix of public and private schools and businesses. Most popular districts to live in or around here include Meadowood, Virginia Lake Central, and North Kietzke.


This area of Reno is a mix of suburban neighborhoods, working farms, and industrial parks. Good examples of this area include Donner Springs, Hidden Valley and Smithridge.

South Reno

South Reno refers to a huge area made up of many neighborhoods. Bartley Ranch is a bridge to this part of town, with the Mount Rose corridor functioning as a southerly route to Lake Tahoe. Arrowcreek, Saddlebow, Huffaker Hills, Damonte Ranch, Galena and Montreaux Estates are all part of South Reno and many are highly sought-after locations.

Southwest Reno

This is an established part of Reno with homes tucked into the foothills. Neighborhoods often feature walking paths and public spaces, with large, mature trees offering shade from the high desert sun. Caughlin Ranch, Lakeridge, Mayberry Estates and Old Southwest (which borders Midtown in the Downtown Reno area) all fall into the Southwest Reno category and are some of my favorite places in Reno both to visit and to live. 

Northwest Reno

Northwest Reno encompasses the University of Nevada and the master-planned bedroom community of Somersett, with developers including Toll Brothers, Ryder Homes, and more, overlooking Mogul and Verdi a few minutes from the California border. Peavine Mountain with its many hiking trails makes up the backdrop for a good portion of the communities located within. Somersett, Old Northwest, Peavine Peak, and Mae Anne are references you’ll often hear about within Northwest Reno. 

North Reno-Sparks

This part of town is the result of rapid development over the past three decades. Ponds, urban gardens, and a golf course all make their home here.

North Valleys

Seven major communities make up the North Valleys, with area staples like the Reno-Stead Airport, the Reno Air Races, a zoo, and lots of shops and restaurants.

Spanish Springs

Residential neighborhoods, parks, libraries, shops, and restaurants give this suburban area a decidedly rural feel. The wild horses roaming this area help!

Marina Parks

Between the Sparks Marina—a full 77 acres—and Wingfield Springs, this area is filled with biking paths, green belts, residential corridors, and family businesses.

Downtown Sparks

Sparks got its start as a railroad hub and grew into a residential area. Today, downtown Sparks hosts some of the biggest events in northern Nevada.

Nearby Areas

Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Virginia City, the Black Rock Desert, countless trails for hiking and biking, campgrounds and so much more await just past Reno.

It’s a thriving community and in the coming months, we’ll be focusing on a few of them for a more in-depth look. As always, if you have questions about real estate, you know where to find me.

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