5 Brilliant Moving Day Hacks to Keep You Sane

moving-day-hacks-meredith-martin-san-francisco-realtorIt’s moving day! And no matter how excited you may be about your new place, the logistics can be a little overwhelming – and that’s especially true here in the Bay Area. The good news? We’re sharing five brilliant moving day hacks to keep you sane – and the hair pulling to a minimum.

1. Call the Utility Companies As Soon As You Have a Moving Date

This is one of the easiest things on your moving day to-do list, so maybe that’s the reason it’s often forgotten. As soon as you have a moving date, call your utility companies – water, electricity, internet, and land line if you have one – to let them know when you’ll be canceling at the old space and setting up at the new one.

2. Schedule a Pick-Up Time with Donation Organizations

If you know you’ll be donating bigger pieces, call ahead to schedule a pick-up time with a local donation organization. While the pickings can be slim in San Francisco, we can recommend a great decluttering company. One of our clients was downsizing the family home on 32nd Avenue after eleven years, and she brought in Eco-Dumpster, a local dumpster rental and haul away company specializing in recycling and minimal waste. When you’re packing, take the opportunity to put aside other items you can toss or donate – think kitchen goods, clothing, décor – so that you aren’t bringing unnecessary clutter to the new place.

3. Pack a Bag of Basics

In the hustle and bustle of moving day, it’s easy to forget which box exactly among the dozens piled around you holds your contact solution or toothbrush. Packing a bag of essentials – basic toiletries, phone charger, any other go-to necessities – will come in handy.

4. Then Pack Everything Else Like a Pro

Packing hacks can be an absolute lifesaver on moving day, so keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep clothes on the hanger, and bundle them together by covering from the bottom up with a drawstring garbage bag. Just knot the top around the hanger handles, transport, hang in your place, and untie the bag. Easy!
  • Use towels and linens as packing material for unwieldy, fragile items like lamps and vases. In the kitchen, wrap your knives in dish towels and secure with rubber bands.
  • Consolidate! Use pots and sealable containers as storage for things like spices, gadgets, and other smaller kitchen items.
  • Contain potential spills by tossing shampoo, conditioner, body washes, cleaning supplies and other leak-prone items into gallon-size zip bags.
  • Use suitcases, especially those on wheels, for heavier pieces like dishes, serving platters, silverware, and books.
  • Get a few permanent markers in different colors and assign them to different rooms. The color coding will makes things easy, and keeping a pen in different rooms mean less time hunting for a marker!
  • Don’t empty out dresser or side table drawers – just take them out and move them as they are. If it’s not too heavy, leave the drawers in place and wrap the piece with plastic to keep the drawers from opening during the move.
  • Use blue painter’s tape to keep mirrors from shattering. Place long strips in an X pattern
  • Take the time to label cords, especially those to the television or computer. Wrap them in scotch tape and write a note about where they go. And here’s a pro tip – before you take them out of their device, snap a photo so you know how to plug everything in again later.

5. Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets

Keep your stress levels to a minimum by making plans ahead of time for any kids or pets. That way, you aren’t worrying about keeping them safe and entertained – or stopping for another potty break.

Follow these hacks to make your next move as smooth as possible. And if a new home in the Bay Area is on your to-do list and you’re wondering where to begin, you’re in luck. We do much more than offer brilliant moving day hacks, so contact Meredith Martin and CeCe Blase today.

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