In 2022, Off-Market Luxury Properties in San Francisco Set Records

A year ago, the San Francisco real estate market was wrapping up a year that saw luxury properties on the market in high demand. Fast forward to the end of 2022, and it’s the off-market luxury properties that clocked record-breaking prices. Wondering why? What Is an Off-Market Sale? First, let’s address what an off-market sale is for the purposes of this post. It’s where your agent taps into their collective network through word of mouth or sometimes online network forums

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Nevada’s Energy Independence


In early December, NV Energy, the sole electricity utility in Nevada, sent an email informing customers about a two-fold plan to advance the state’s energy independence. Given the soaring summer temperatures in both southern Nevada and the northern part of the state, and my interest in long-term solutions to challenges presented by climate change and its effect on not only my clients but also myself, I found it of interest.  From the Email The email began by acknowledging what it

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Roaming Cows in Reno’s Caughlin Ranch — A Cautionary Tale of Nevada’s Open Range Law


A few months ago and a few blocks from my home in Reno, a seemingly amusing post cropped up on the NextDoor app. A herd of cows innocently wandered in from —we’re not sure where — and started grazing on the very expensive front yards of several of my neighbor’s homes. Up here in Reno, we’re used to bears, rabbits, coyotes and depending on your location, a wild mustang herd to two, but cows invading a residential neighborhood? Now that’s unusual!

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?


One of the tenets of real estate is location, location, location. But timing can likewise make or break a deal, which is why the idea of being able to time the market is something that appeals to buyers and sellers alike. With the market cooling, many people are questioning if now is a good time to buy (or sell).  And if not now, when? I’ve had many conversations about market timing over the past three decades, none more so than now

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San Francisco in Top 10 Cities for Green Space


It may not be what first comes to mind when you think of the City by the Bay, but San Francisco is no slouch when it comes to green space. The Trust for Public Land released its 2022 Parkscore Index, which ranks the public outdoor space for residents in various cities across the country. And impressively, San Francisco landed in the top ten. The Parkscore Index The index ranks the top 100 largest cities by population based on acreage, investment,

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