Reno’s Zombie Crawl One of the Best & Biggest in the Nation

For a city of its size, Reno does special events exceptionally well. The annual Reno Zombie Crawl is another prime example. USA Today calls it one of the ten best costumed halloween parties in the nation. Redbook says it’s the best way to celebrate Halloween in Nevada. And some 15,000 people excitedly count down the days every year. This year’s crawl is October 22 – here’s what you need to know. Reno Zombie Crawl 2022 The premise of the crawl

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What California Residents Should Know about the Mechanic’s Lien


Property owners who use contractors or material suppliers for work on a specific property and then fail to pay for those services or materials can be slapped with a mechanic’s lien. Here’s what California residents should know about this type of legal claim. The mechanic’s lien A lien is a notice that has been filed against a property, usually through the county recorder’s office, to assert that the property owners owes money to a creditor. A mortgage is one type

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Neighborhood Compost Collection in Reno Made Easy


Being conscious of how much trash is being generated is on a lot of people’s minds these days. In San Francisco Recology has composting ‘mostly’ handled with effective if not stinky green bins, but other areas like Tahoe and Reno don’t yet have that capacity. In Reno, I use a Lomi at my home but if you’re the type that wants something a little less pricey where they pick up for you in Reno Down to Earth Composting is making

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What Condo Owners Need to Know about EV Charging Station Installations


As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, charging stations are likewise becoming a bigger topic of conversation. Installing a charger in your personal garage is one thing, but what happens in a condo scenario with an HOA? Specifically, if an HOA complex doesn’t have the necessary power to supply a charging station, who’s footing the bill? Let’s discuss. Let’s Call Them Growing Pains Electric vehicles have their benefits, but the transition isn’t without its drawbacks. One example is

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