A Local’s Guide to the Great Reno Balloon Race


Northern Nevada is no slouch in the special events department. And as summer starts winding down, we jump from events like Hot August Nights to the one and only Great Reno Balloon Race. For 40 years, this family-oriented event has been a visual spectacle and for many locals, a beloved tradition. Oh, and one other thing – the whole thing is entirely free. If you’re new to the area, read on for a local’s guide to the Great Reno Balloon

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Real Estate Headlines vs Reality


We’ve addressed this topic before but since we’re in a shifting market and the 24-hour news cycle needs clicks-per-view, it’s worth repeating (especially as some of my favorite pet peeve headlines have cracked the news cycle). Sensational headlines grab user attention – skyrocketing mortgage rates, falling home prices, soaring foreclosure numbers. But for a reality check, let’s take a look at the current clickbait real estate headlines and separate the headlines from the real world. The Real Estate Headline: Buy

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The Smart Money is Considering the Effects of Climate Change on Real Estate


Savvy homebuyers are thinking about more than just school zones and ROI – increasingly, they’re factoring for potential climate effects and the many seen and unforeseen costs associated with that. That means considering things like wildfire, drought, heatwave, and flood risks. But is it affecting the market just yet? Read on! The Climate Change Effect In short, not really. So far, even parts of the country that are vulnerable to climate change don’t seem overly affected. That might be because homeowners

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