Lake Tahoe’s Billionaire Real Estate Market Isn’t Cooling Off


Lake Tahoe’s billionaire real estate market isn’t cooling off. And you can chalk it up to a classic case of supply and demand. Last Year’s Predictions, This Year’s Reality Tahoe’s 2021 fire was one for the books, and it was more than enough for people to start wondering whether it might dampen enthusiasm for lake living from the billionaire investor’s perspective. Spoiler – it hasn’t. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t start the trend, but his eye-popping price tag of $49 million set

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Best Practices for Moving on a Budget


Surprise – you can move on a budget, even if you spring for hiring a moving company. The key is planning ahead and being both flexible and organized. After running this gauntlet personally multiple times and sharing my tips with clients, I’m putting them all in one place. Read on for best practices for moving on a budget. Start Planning Early Whether you’re on a budget or not, leaving all the details of your move to the last minute will

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Reno, Nevada: One of the Top Ten Best Cities to Live for Quality of Life


U.S. News & World Report released its 2022-2023 report on the Best Places to Live for Quality of Life, and Reno, Nevada, landed in the top ten. Links to the article are below or you can just read my synopsis to find out why they honored Reno with a well deserved top spot!   U.S. News Best Places to Live Methodology The Best Places to Live rankings are designed to give readers helpful information based on data gathered from the U.S.

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Graeagle, California – A Secret Destination

Given that it’s home to six world-class golf courses and has long been a wedding destination to those in the know, maybe Graeagle isn’t so secret. Either way,  if you aren’t familiar with this picturesque town, you’re missing out. Nestled in the Lakes Basin of Plumas County along the middle fork of the Feather River in California, this family-friendly community is tailor-made for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers alike. Here’s a peek into this frontier mountain town – about 60

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