In July, Reno is Artown


It’s almost July, and in Reno, that means Artown! Artists from around the world make their way to the biggest little city for this annual and beloved month-long art festival. If you’re new to town, here’s  what to know about this city-wide event. Celebrated for Decades Artown is celebrating its 27th year, and my, how it’s grown. The 2022 festival will feature over 600 art events, classes, concerts, tours, lectures, workshops, exhibits, openings, burlesque dances, portrait tutorials, circus performances, and

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How Does the Fed’s Rate Increase Really Affect Mortgages?


It’s hard to miss the headlines about the Federal Reserve’s benchmark interest rate hike – a full three-quarters of a percentage point, the biggest increase in 28 years. So what does that mean for mortgages? While it’s true that efforts to tame inflation by increasing the short term lending rates affects everything from credit card borrowing and car loans to, yes mortgages, it’s not as straightforward as many people assume, especially where 30 year fixed mortgages are concerned. The Fed’s

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The Real Estate Market is at the Start of the Shift

At the beginning of any real estate market shift, we see inconsistent deals happen. One listing will sell for over 30% of its list price, while another seemingly similar one will receive no offers at all. That’s because odd deals are typical of a changing market, which is what we are most certainly in. While these charts are local to San Francisco, we’re seeing similar trends happening in every market in the country.  Year over year we’ve only seen a 3%

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Reno – The Gateway City for Summer Adventure in the Sierra


After our recent looks at Tahoe’s best beaches and the foodie side of Reno, we’re back with a peek into the duality of Reno-Tahoe. This is a corner of the world where you can kayak or climb in the middle of downtown, go from mountain top to beachfront in the same day, hike or bike to secluded waterfalls before trying your luck at the blackjack table… you get the idea. Reno really is the greatest kind of gateway city, and

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The 2022 Real Estate Market Shift


In the last week of May, home listings leapt 9% in a year-over-year comparison. Between mid April and mid May, new listings increased twice as fast as they did in the same timeframe last year. But pending home sales in April were down almost 4% from March and down just over 9% from April 2021. Clearly, we’re seeing a cooling in the market, and depending on what side of the real estate transaction you’re on, that may or may not

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