Everything Worth Considering for Turning Your Vacation Home into a Vacation Rental


If your Tahoe vacation home sits empty for weeks on end, renting it out as a short-term vacation rentals sounds like a no-brainer. Why not make money on it when you aren’t using it yourself? But jumping into the hosting world is a lot more involved than posting a listing on Airbnb or VRBO. It’s not insurmountable, but you should be very clear on what you’re getting into. The Times ran a great Q&A recently with vacation rental experts who

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Seller Leasebacks — Everything Buyers and Sellers Need to Know


Last week we covered the bridge loan, which creates an opportunity for a qualified seller to move out of a home before it’s sold. Option two is the seller leaseback, a scenario in which the seller asks the buyer for permission to stay in the home for a predetermined length of time. If you’re new to seller leasebacks, read on for everything buyers and sellers need to know.  The Role of the Seller Leaseback Imagine that you’re selling a property,

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Want to Move but Need to Sell in Order to Buy?


We wrote a quick-and-dirty post last year on bridge loans, one of the more common ways to unlock the equity in your existing home so you can qualify for, purchase and move out before you sell. Now, we’re back with a reminder and a little more insight. The bridge loan may be your best option if you would like to avoid being home during the marketing process — any agent will tell you not only is it less stress on

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Cost Basis & Real Estate — What To Know & Why It Matters


Given it is tax season, “cost basis” is probably a term you’ve heard bandied about. But if you’re like many of us, who don’t do accounting for a living, you may not have a clue what it means, why it matters or how to calculate it. Below is a very simplified guide to help you understand the numbers that go into calculating a cost basis, what records you should be keeping in order to do that, and why it matters to

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