Rising Interest Rates & The Market Effect


It was a long time coming, but mortgage rates are definitely on the rise. Blame inflation, international developments, or elected officials, but facts are facts — interest rates have continued their slow but steady ascent into 2022. Rates hit 4% this week, which is an increase of over 26% in the past six weeks. Now, you might think that soaring interest rates will have a cooling effect on the market. It makes sense — higher mortgage rates means a higher

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Navigating San Francisco — A Tourist’s Guide to Visiting the City by the Bay


Regardless of whether you live in San Francisco, are visiting from another Bay Area city or have friends flying in from out of town, there’s something to be said about an insider’s guide to preparing for the visit. If you or loved ones are headed to the City on the Bay to soak in the culture and vibe, a few good tips will make the most of your time! The Lonely Planet online ran a great insider piece to navigating

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Everything Worth Knowing about Verdi, Nevada


A trip into Reno from the West will bring you through Verdi, Nevada. Zipping along I-80, you might notice some impressive homes along the river and dotted among towering pines in the mountain foothills. This Reno suburb is a town all its own, with modern history dating back to the 1860s. Today, Verdi’s rural setting, safe surroundings, and community vibe are a draw for many looking to be close to all the services of a major city but outside of

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Four Considerations for a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and nothing is quite as satisfying as remodeling it. Maybe you’re going all out, or maybe you’re just making a few updates. Either way, here are the four top considerations in mind for your kitchen remodel according to the “experts.”  Be Mindful of Lighting Dark, badly-lit kitchens are a tragedy. Get the lighting right by thinking about two separate goals — creating ambience and adding functionality to key zones. If you have

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