Even Billionaires Need Agents — Here’s Why


Funny story — and a bit of a cautionary tale for would-be “for sale by owner” types. Even the world’s richest man couldn’t sell his ultra luxury home himself. In spite of his 60 million followers on Twitter, Elon Musk failed miserably when he attempted to sell his home without an agent. After more than a year of no success, he hired a CØMPASS agent. The home was under contract within three weeks. And it’s not a surprise. In fact,

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What Real Estate Pros Think about the Current Housing Market


Unless you’re in the business, navigating the housing market can be downright confusing. These days, there are a lot of contradictory messages — near historic low interest rates, and the highest home prices we’ve ever seen — and it’s not easy to decide if now is the time to buy. Here’s what real estate pros think about the current housing market, including my take. Interest rates will start trending upward Collectively, real estate professionals predict interest rates will continue increasing,

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