California’s Tough Take on Emotional Support Animals for Renters


California has differentiated between “service animals” and “emotional support animals,” and renters need to be clued in to the difference. Here’s how AB 468 is cutting down on emotional support animal fraud in the state. Service vs Support Animals Service animals are highly trained for specific roles — think seeing eye or guide dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and seizure response dogs. They may help someone who has disabilities by guiding them, retrieving dropped items, pulling wheelchairs, or making hearing-impaired people

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When San Francisco’s Painted Ladies Were… Gray?


San Francisco is famous for a few things — sourdough, rolling fog, the Golden Gate Bridge, and those incredible painted ladies. But these striking Victoria row houses weren’t always so colorful. In fact, since the building boom after the 1840 gold rush, those house have cycled from chalky white to gray before the 60s and the colorist movement changed everything. If you have a few minutes, it’s an interesting story! Some Historical Background Most of the city’s Victorians were built

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Can You Guess How Much Home Prices Have Risen Over Last 30 Years in the Bay Area?


Before you do, remember to factor for both the 90s dot-com boom and the general tech boom of the last decade. And whatever your estimate, it’s probably too conservative. Median home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area have risen more than a staggering 500% over the last 30 years. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Three Counties with Highest Appreciation As you might expect, the three counties with the highest appreciation were those at the center of the tech

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Zillow’s Home-Flipping Flop — What Happened and What It Means for the Market


The internet is all abuzz with the news of how Zillow got in way over its head in the home-flipping business. The company announced recently announced that it was permanently exiting home flipping and laying off a full quarter of its workforce. Here’s what happened and what it means for the housing market across the country.  A Little Background Zillow has multiple lines of business, and Zillow Offers, an iBuying business, was one of its hottest over the last two

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