The Real Problem with the Zestimate


Once upon a time, real estate agents sent mailers to homeowners with a headline that had some version of, “What’s your home worth?” It’s a pretty powerful question, because the answer is typically the information that a homeowner wants to know above all else—and only an agent could provide it. To further entice the homeowner, these mailers typically offered a free, no-strings-attached evaluation, opening the door to the kind of dialogue that would often result in a listing. Fast forward

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The Problem with Real Estate Predictions


When it comes to real estate, there are no shortage of predictions. But in spite of a desperate desire to know what’s coming, and various methods employed over thousands of years, the fact remains that even the very smartest people get it wrong, again and again. But that isn’t even the biggest issue. Here’s the real problem with real estate predictions. What to Remember No one has a crystal ball, and even the most educated guesses are just that—guesses. If

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