Moving is Hard. Here’s How to Make it Easier.


Recently, I got an email for an epic moving checklist. There were 100 steps on this list, which is thorough, to be sure, but also daunting. Yes, there are many, many, many considerations when you’re moving, especially if you’re going to a new state, but is it truly a 100-step process? Maybe! In my experience, even those of us who think we know how much it takes to move and are prepared for it have a tendency to underestimate the

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The Importance Of Curation in Real Estate (And Everything)


They call this the Age of Information. But living in it, day in and day out, means navigating a crush of news, media, opinions and content that seems to be coming at us from every angle. That’s true across the board, and it’s true within respective industries. In real estate, which touches everyone in one way or another, we’re seeing more reports, more data, more news, more opinions, louder voices, more “experts,” more videos, more social media posts, more imagery,

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Everyone is Leaving San Francisco! Or Are They?


A Bloomberg article came out swinging this week with a doozy of a headline — “Housing Prices are Booming in U.S. Cities — Just Not San Francisco or New York.” We wrote something recently about one of the reasons for these booming prices. But is San Francisco really being left behind? Here’s the thing. San Francisco condos were ignored in the price increases of 2020. In fact, inventory largely fueled by condominiums — particularly one bedroom and studios — hit an

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Why Real Estate Prices Everywhere Are Increasing


In 2017, I sat in on a discussion of housing trends. One of the key takeaways at the presentation was the fact that as a country, we’ve been under-building since the Great Recession. Now, it’s coming home to roost.  2017 Wisdom  I’m going to share regional and national trends directly from that discussion. Remember — this is information from 2017.  Regional Trends The homeownership rate in San Francisco was 57.3%, 47% in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale, and 31% in New York. The

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