Why The Smartest Sellers Leave Sparkling Homes for their Buyers


You see a lot of bad behavior in the real estate world, and one of the things that never fails to surprise/horrify me is the appalling condition of the home that so many sellers are willing to leave to their buyers. While it’s true that from a legal perspective, “broom-swept” is often the acceptable condition upon transfer, there’s a reason why the smartest sellers leave sparkling homes for their buyers.   First, What’s So Often Left Behind Most people are

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The Five Best Natural Hot Springs in Nevada


There’s something special about stumbling across a natural hot spring way out in the middle of nowhere. And Nevada has a lot of space to get lost. The more I learn about my new state, the more excited I get, so let’s take a look at the five best natural hot springs in Nevada. Spencer Hot Springs With a view of the Toiyabe Range as a backdrop to the Nevada desert, these primitive pools are about three hours and change

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Avoiding the Email Compromise Scam in Real Estate


In 2014, FBI statistics relating to a sophisticated business email scam showed close to 1,200 people in the U.S. lost some $180 million — and their real estate agents were unknowingly involved. Fast forward to 2021, and this scam is still an issue. In fact, it’s increasing. Since the best defense is the right information, here’s how to avoid the email compromise scam in real estate. The Scam Here’s how it works. Scammers hack into a lender or title company’s

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Eight Things Your Realtor Needs You to Understand about Selling Your Home


One of the smartest things someone can do when they’re in need is consult an expert. We do it when our tooth hurts, or we have a legal issue, or we’ve slipped and hurt ourselves. Turning to someone who has years of training and experience with a track record of proven successes — particularly in an area that is outside our own realm of expertise — is rarely a mistake. The same is true when it comes to selling a

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